Video Goggles are a very important link in the chain. Its what you see right before your eyes and how the experience is felt. They come in all manor of types and prices. Its on bit of equipment you would be best investing a good deal of money in to. The goggles consist of two screens, one for each eye. They sometime come with speaker output and earphones too. Some have receivers built into them as well. The goggles reproduce the picture on the screens is different resolutions depending on model, most have the ability to change contrast, saturation to get the best possible picture available.

Here are few examples :

Fatshark Dominators

Probably the most popular goggles currently available. Coming in at around £260 mid priced. They have eye cups are used to comfortably block all light out. They offer a 30 degree Field Of View. VGA LCD with polarized high intensity backlight. For pilots that require glasses they have diopter adjustment inserts. Sadly no IPD adjustment, but to most this is not a problem. PS/2 for headtracker connection to radio. Vin, AV in/out, earphone, HT, RX
Head tracker module is an optional extra as are the Airwave 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz  receivers. 6 -13 volt input ( 2S – 3S ). I use these goggles and love the comfort and performance from them, although the jack plug AV in socket could have been better made.

Another example :

Carl Zeiss Cinemizer

As the name suggests, Zeiss’ 3D goggle display uses OLED technology to produce an image that’s startlingly bright and vibrant. The resolution is 870 x 500. For FPV use these goggles, that retail at around £600 are a bit overkill, although the picture is stunning, our FPV camera transmissions are only 640×480 so most the features and potential is wasted for us. The light blocking is terrible, but as these are not designed for FPV somewhat to be expected. A ski goggle mod will solve this, but I would find myself in two minds pulling apart a £600 set of glasses to put in a ski mask. Especially when your not going to reap the full benefits. The Cinemizers also need to have a liberator box attached to your goggles to work as well.

Vuzix Wrap 280XL

At the other end of the price range are the Vuzix Wrap 280XL, coming in at around £130 they could be more your price range, especially if your not sure. The specifications soon give away why they are so cheap compared to the rest. With only 384 x 240 resolution you have half the resolution of all the other goggles listed above. So you are never going to get a high detail sharp picture from them as half the cameras picture can nit be reproduced by them.

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