Government Consultation on Drones

Government Consultation
Benefits of drones to the UK economy

Closes 15th of March!

You must reply before 15th of March 2017.  That is now less than two weeks away! Here is the link to the consultation:

You can respond online here:

Or email your response to this address:

Have your say.  The Government is listening!

When I met with Elena Lynch (the person running this consultation at the Department for Transport) last week she assured me that there is no hidden agenda.  There are no foregone conclusions.

The Government will genuinely read the feedback from the consultation and draw their conclusions from that.

Now is the time to get your responses in and tell them what you think about mandatory registration, mandatory insurance, compulsory training, electronic identification, no fly zones and everything else!

Q: What if I don’t agree with any of the choices in the multiple choice answers?
A: Email your reply to I will be!

Q: What if I don’t agree with the whole premise that the consultation is based upon (IE the uncorroborated drone sightings which whip the media into a frenzy but most aviation experts agree are unlikely to actually be drones)?
A: Email your comments to

See our general position on each question in the consultation here.

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