Welcome to FPV UK!

FPV UK is a group of like minded people who pool our resources to stick up for our cause. Please see our main website here: www.fpvuk.org

Please support the association by joining up and benefit from £5m public liability insurance for all of your RC flying (excluding turbines and engines over 40cc). The insurance covers all electric flying at home or in Europe and flying on MOD land.

Please read details of the law relating to FPV flying and the exemption to article 166(3) of the Air Navigation Order which FPV UK secured here: www.fpvuk.org/fpv-law

Membership costs £15.80 per year and everyone's membership comes to an end at midnight on the last day of July.

The membership year is split into 4 and pro-rated:
12 months = £15.80
9 months = £11.85
6 months = £7.95
3 months = £4.05

In the first quarter only the 12 months £15.80 option is available.
In the second quarter only the 9 months £11.85 option is available.
In the third quarter only the 6 months £7.95 option is available.
In the final quarter only the 3 month £4.05 option is available.

You will see only the relevant option available to you below.

At the end of July we will send you an email to make you aware that your membership is about to expire and inviting you to join for another year - at which point you will get the maximum value for money (exactly 12 months for £15.80).

All of our UK citizen members are covered by our £5m 3rd party liability insurance when flying at home or in Europe. You can read the full details of the RSA underwritten policy here.