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FPV UK is the national governing body for radio control FPV and drone flying in the UK.

Our Mission

Safety & Enjoyment

To promote the safe enjoyment of radio control drone flying

Drone flying get the representation


To represent drone flyers in discussions with other bodies; such as CAA, NATS, DfT, BEIS, Ofcom

Flying drone liability insurance cover

Insurance Cover

To cover members with £5m public liability insurance for their recreational drone/ RC flying

About FPV UK

FPV UK is an association of hobbyist radio control drone (or unmanned/ model aircraft) pilots.

First Person View (FPV) flying is flying a model aircraft (or “drone”) using a small video camera mounted on the aircraft and video goggles to see the view from the camera. This first person view gives the impression of actually sitting inside the cockpit of the aircraft and adds a whole new exciting and enjoyable branch to an existing hobby.   FPV UK was originally formed to champion and protect the hobby/ sport of FPV flying and we successfully got an exemption for FPV flying in 2009 which has been renewed every year since.

More recently our members fly all kinds of drones and radio control models for recreation.  We welcome everyone and everything; whether you have a tiny DJI Spark, an expensive DJI Inspire 2, a super fast home built 250 racing quad, or a beautiful balsa wood scale model and whether you fly it by line or sight or by FPV.

FPV UK works with the regulator for UK aviation – the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the National Air Traffic Service (NATS), the Department for Transport (DfT), Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the House of Lords and other bodies, on matters pertaining to “drones”, FPV and recreational model flying.

The Community

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Working With

Civil Aviation Authority
House of Lords
Department for Transport