We’re here to give advice on where you can fly your drone.

Knowing the law helps you understand your rights while flying drones.

Our introductory video below gives a very basic, simplified, version of the rules. UK air law is documented in ‘The Air Navigation Order’ issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). You can view the ANO it in its entirety here: CAP393 The Air Navigation Order 2016.

Watch our drone video safety video Watch our drone video safety video

As model/ drone pilots we fall under “Small Unmanned Aircraft” and in some cases “Small Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft” and as such we are exempt from the vast majority of the Air Navigation Order. The articles that do apply to us are: 2, 91, 92, 94, 95, 239, 241 and 257 (this is specified in article 23 of the ANO).

The following 4 are not really relevant to R/C and FPV and paraphrased descriptions are included here only for completeness – please open the PDF if you would like to read them in full.

  • 2

    Schedule 1 (interpretation) has effect.

  • 91

    Dropping for the purposes of agriculture

  • 92

    A glider must not be winched or ground towed above 60 metres

  • 239

    Power to prohibit or restrict flying

  • 257*

    CAA’s power to stop flying
    * Except 257(2)(a)


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